Bethany Beaudry



Bethany Beaudry has completed her Master’s of Arts in Self Design: Building Learning Communities.

Bethany believes that relationships build the foundation for learning new things. She believes we are all unique and learn in different ways. She is grounded in the belief that children need to know they are valued for being unique, competent, and trusted individuals.

She also believes in providing children opportunities to be physically active each day as well as to provide a space for children to learn to understand their bodies and to listen and connect to their inner selves in order to be happy and find peacefulness in all that they do.

She is excited to learn and grow with her community in this the second year of Inspired Explorations Learning Community and provide your child a unique, rich, meaningful educational experience.

Support Educator

Brienne Santos

Inclusion Facilitator







Jaime Dixon

Childcare Support Staff

Nicole Walker




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