Mission, Beliefs & Values


We are a not-for profit organization and we value many forms of learning that arise within our exploratory community. We provide room for children to discover, question, critically think and grow. We inspire learners to be mindful and conscious creators, innovators, change-makers, and physically literate human beings.


We are grounded in the belief that all children are competent, resourceful and creative with imagination and curiosity about the world around them. We value creativity, interests, ideas and questions of the children and adults at our school. We practice listening, observing, inquiring, staying attentive, and reflecting together with children and families.

We also hold the belief that all children should have opportunities to be physically active every day and learn the important connection between body, mind and spirit. We use Awareness through the Body as well as daily Physical Education and Nutrition Education to foster this in children.

Believing that children speak to us in many languages making their thinking visible to us in many ways allows for children to honour their authenticity by sharing their ideas through a variety of modalities such as; words, drawing, numbers, dance, movement, painting, building, sculpture, shadow play, collage, drama, music and more.

Children use many kinds of materials to discover and express what they know, understand, wonder, feel and imagine. This belief guides our educational philosophy that the arts, music and physical education are the cornerstone of a rich educational experience.

We also understand that children have different developmental needs. The needs of a 6 year old are much different than those of a 10 year old (See Natural Learning Relationships page). Having this understanding allows us to mentor and guide children to meet their individual needs.


Honoring Children

We honor children’s inner knowing of what inspires them and how they learn best. Learning happens when children are engaged, have choice, are trusted and valued for how they want to express themselves.

Embracing Oneness

We value that every individual, although unique, belongs to one human race and we embrace that we treat each other with kindness, love, compassion and empathy. We value the Power of Positive Thinking and we embrace the sharing of positive energy.

Celebrating Diversity

Our aim is not to make everyone equal, but instead to give children opportunities to develop their differences by interacting with others and understanding the value of being unique and diverse.

Family and Community Participation

We value participation as a sense of belonging, partaking and engaging in activities as well as inviting our families and community members into our learning community as valued participants in the child’s learning.