Multi-Age Groupings

Multi-age classroom groupings allow children to develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical intelligence by engaging in explorations of a variety of topics, and seeing others of various ages discover and explore the same topics, learning from each others’ perspectives.
It also allows younger children to enter a task at a more simple level and older children to be challenged with more complex understanding of the same topic.

5 to 8 years old

Our children in this stage learn best through their senses. We provide learning experiences that allow them to touch, smell, see, hear, taste and even feel energetically about what they are exploring.

8 1/2 to 11 years old

Our learners at this age learn best by connecting to the new feelings they are experiencing, nature, and the connection between communities in our world. Learners are still offered a variety of ways in which they can express their learning as well as how they experience their new findings, but discussions and explorations become more community focused and project based.

12 to 14 years old

Our learners at this stage learn best by exploring their ideals, expressing themselves in many ways in order to figure out who they are from a core nature perspective. We honor children’s right to figure out who they are and offer learning experiences that allow them to express their ideals as well as challenge them to think more deeply and from multiple perspectives. Learning is largely project based as well as providing learners with the essential skills and knowledge they will require when entering High School.